Within liquid bulk transportation, flexitank transport excels with its “bag-in-box” packaging method. Flexitanks are an economical and effective alternative to ISO tank containers, particularly for transporting food products like juices, wines, vegetable oil, and non-hazardous chemicals or oil products. Flexitank transport offers a significant advantage in terms of payload, with a single flexitank able to carry up to 25 tons in a 20’ container, resulting in about 40% extra payload compared to IBCs or drums.

We partner with reputable manufacturers to provide a range of flexitank options tailored to your needs, including both box-shaped multi-liner and single-liner tanks, ranging from 10,000 to 24,000 liters. Our flexitanks are equipped with versatile top or bottom discharge fittings, air release valves, pressure valves, and oxygen barriers, ensuring the safety and integrity of your cargo. Additionally, our flexitanks are COA (Container Owners Association) approved, meeting the highest industry standards. Alongside our flexitank options, we provide robust heavy lift solutions for cargoes that are too large or heavy for standard containers.

Comprehensive flexitank transport services for seamless logistics

Our comprehensive flexitank transport service includes the supply of flexitanks and bulkheads, fitting in containers, transport and shipping of the container, handling customs formalities, and preparing shipping documents. We also offer additional services and assistance at both origin and destination upon request. The benefits of using flexitanks for liquid transportation include their lightweight nature, rustproof qualities, ease of setup, and their construction from high-tensile strength materials, making them a robust and efficient choice. Beyond flexitank transport, we also specialize in comprehensive breakbulk logistics, catering to the unique demands of oversized and heavyweight shipments.

Reach out to us for a tailored flexitank solution

Businesses seeking a cost-effective, secure, and eco-friendly liquid transportation solution will find their answer in flexitanks. Contact us to explore how our flexitank transport solutions can meet your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing custom, innovative solutions that streamline your logistics and ensure the safe, efficient transport of your liquids. Choose to partner with our renowned shipping company for a future-focused approach to liquid logistics.