Liquid Bulk Transportation using the “bag-in-box” packaging method.

Flexitanks (the “bag”) can be considered as a valuable alternative to the more expensive ISO tank container, especially for food products (juices, wines,  vegetable oil, etc ..) as well as non-hazardous chemicals or oil products.

Compared to IBC or drums, a flexitank results in 40% extra payload.  Depending on the density of the product up to 25 tons can easily be loaded in a 20’ container (the “box”).

We work with reputable manufacturers and can supply any size according to your needs:

  • Box shaped multi-liner tanks, 10,000 up to 24,000 liters (2 inner liners PE film + outer liner in woven PVC)
  • Box shaped single-liner tanks, 12,000 up to 24,000 liters (1 liner 900 micron PE film)
  • Both can be supplied with top or bottom discharge fittings, air release valves, pressure valves, oxygen barrier, etc. 
  • Our flexitanks have been tested and approved by the COA (Container Owners Association) according to the highest standards. 

Our all-in service consists of:

  • Supply of flexitank & bulkhead
  • Fitting in container
  • Transport & shipping of container
  • Customs formalities
  • Shipping documents
  • Extra service and/or assistance at origin or destination available on demand.

Flexitanks or flexible tanks are the best way to store liquids such as water or oil for transportation. Flexitanks have many advantages, including: