Organising your transport in line with the terms and conditions of your sales contract might not look too difficult. But up to 10 different parties may be involved in a single transportation assignment. 

And any of them could let the ball drop. Put your forwarding into the hands of professionals. At Herbert Watson, we specialise in coordinating all parties involved, ensuring everyone receives accurate instructions at the right time, that they perform their roles as required, within the bounds of the contract and at the right price. 


You need to take different types of delivery terms into consideration when it comes to export. Whether you’re dealing with anything from Ex Works to FOB, or CIF to DAP. Your helpful assistant, we guide you through the alphabet soup of INCO terms to help you successfully ship your exports without even the slightest concerns. 


There’s no longer any need to worry when you want to bring goods into the country. Because at Herbert Watson, our professional and helpful overseas correspondents will guide you through the process. From the moment you decide to place your order with a supplier or manufacturer, to the moment you have it safe and secure in your hands, we assist you with:

  • reception of cargo or containers from shipping lines;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery and/or warehousing;
  • opening letters of credit;
  • taking control of goods and cargo in Antwerp.

Would you like your imports to travel smoothly across the seas and through customs? Our experienced professionals are just a phone call away!