Our service is about you

When you put your business in our hands, no matter what service you require, no matter what your needs may be, we believe in delivering peace of mind. It’s why our staff members are trained to negotiate on different levels. It’s why they’re able to communicate in different languages. 

It’s why we work with experienced professionals who respond quickly and appropriately to changing situations. Each of our staff members undergoes targeted training that leads to improvement. Not only in the services we deliver, but also in the results you receive.

Handle with care

Breakbulk involves all kinds of different cargo. And due to the amount, destination, time of year, the vessel its being shipped on and the available in-port facilities, every breakbulk shipment needs to be handled differently. Obviously, careless handling of the cargo may result in damage or loss. However, carelessness with the related documentation can have equally drastic consequences. You don’t want extended delays to your payment. And you certainly don’t want hold-ups and issues when you arrive at customs. At Herbert Watson (Belgium), we know your cargo is your lifeblood. And we understand what it means when you put it in our hands. We always treat both your cargo and your documentation, as entirely unique assignments, handling them with the utmost care.

Thinking along the same line as you

Your shipping order is unique, which is why it needs to be handled with care and expertise. When your thoughts and expectations are combined with our experience and principles, you are guaranteed to receive highly efficient, tailored solutions that make a genuine difference.